To feature at one of our shows, follow these steps:

  1. Attend a show.

    • Come vibe with us and the community. We won't bite, we promise.

  2. Get on the open mic list and rock the stage.

    • Share your talents with the community and let them see you, rock with you, love on you.

  3. Fill out an application.

    • ONLY if you have completed steps one and two will your application be considered. We love to invite folks into the TPOM family but we want to make sure it's a right fit for the both of us! So, come on through and let’s build!

Click here to select an application.

Please note: Final decisions about any and all features are under the complete authority of That Peace Open Mic Executive Board Members only. 



of Features

Each month, That Peace Open Mic features one performing artist, one visual artist, one food vendor, and two wellness-related vendors. We’re always looking to highlight artists + creatives who do it for the culture! If that’s you, read below for more info and click the links to apply! 


Performing Artists 
Featured Performing Artists include poets, musicians, vocalists, mc’s, dancers, and more. Once a featured artist is selected we work with them to curate an individualized performance set ranging 15-25 minutes. This includes lighting, instrumentation, sound, etc. This collaboration gives us an opportunity to highlight folks within our community whose message needs to be heard and you the opportunity to share it with those who are eager to hear it! If you’d like to be a featured performing artist, please CLICK THE LINK TO APPLY! Performing Artist.

Visual Artists 
These brilliant minds capture the energy of the room through various mediums. Visual Artists may paint, draw, or digitize a TPOM live experience. As a featured visual artist, you’re able to set up your work across the venue, sell/raffle work off, and accept donations as you create. We’ve got a thing for seeing Black Joy on canvas, however, artists are welcome to create whatever they see fit! If you’d like to be a featured visual artist, please CLICK THE LINK TO APPLY! Visual Artist.

Food/Wellness Vendors
What’s a show without tasty food and local vendors!? We’re excited to highlight black-owned businesses within our community who provide soul-nourishing products and good healing eats! Wellness vendors may include Herbalists, Essential Oil/Candle makers, jewelry/stone designers, hair/body care, and more! If you’re interested in vending at one of our shows in either of the following capacities, please CLICK THE LINK TO APPLY! Food/Wellness Vendors