That Peace

Open Mic


That Peace Open Mic is a radical space for art, culture, and community founded in 2015 by writer + poet Mariah Ivey. TPOM began on the west side of Indianapolis in a small well-known poetry venue called “Write-on The Poetry Spot”, solely as a monthly open mic set. Holding no more than 50 people comfortably, artists + community members alike began to routinely fill the venue beyond capacity with a high outpouring of love, laughter, warm energy, bomb music, live instrumentation, and art. Known for its featured performances and impromptu jam sessions, TPOM prides itself most on creating an intentional space to celebrate and amplify the voices + stories of Black artists and other artists of color.  Since 2015, we have moved into a new space, expanded our team, and our overall work within the Indianapolis arts scene in the areas of artistic development, community service, and holistic wellness with an underlying mission to support Black businesses year round. 



Our Mission is to honor community, impact culture, and promote liberation through artistic engagement, critical dialogue, and holistic wellness.


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